Did you know that the Orlando Phantoms first year was compiled primarily from the Deltona Woflpack football team and the Central Florida Tigers football team.


Did you know the first ever Sponsor of the Orlando Phantoms was Lifestyle Family Fitness in Altamonte Springs, Florida. In 2011 the Orlando Phantoms were fortunate to land LFF as their training facitlity for the season. LFF was the location where our football players were able to train during camp, and during the off season. Unfortunately in 2012 LFF was bought out by L.A. Fitness and the agreement the Orlando Phantoms had was no longer honored.

Did you know Orlando Phantoms Owner Michael Torres almost shut down operations after the 2012 season. After only 2 years Michael thought to himself that this Semi Pro stuff wasn’t for him. With a rough 2012 season with a 3-7 record and multiple personal issue the 2 year Phantom owner was about to hang it up.


Well what was it that kept him from calling it quits you might ask?


A lot of trash talk from their rivals the Orlando Rage. The social media trash talk from the Rage fueled Phantom owner Michel Torres to suck it up, and to keep grinding. He promised that the Rage word eat there words, and since a 3-7 record and almost folding in 2012 the Phantoms have won 3 League Championships, 6 National Bowl Championships, and beat the Orlando Rage in 2015 30-20. Now the Orlando Phantoms are the team in Orlando and  Nationally known.

Phantoms Owner Michael Torres would like to thank the Orlando Rage Organization in person for the motivation. Only one problem with doing that, they folded a few years back….

Did you know that current Head Coach for the Orlando Phantoms football team use to be the Head Coach of the hated rival Orlando Rage? Yes, Ron Scarlata use to be part of the Orlando Rage football team. The word around town is he’s happier with the Orlando Phantoms football team! LOL